August 8, 2014

Sopapillas & Honey

One of my favorite treats in New Mexico? The sopapilla—a plain fried bread served at your table at most restaurants. When you add honey to it (usually that’s why the honey is at your table!) it tastes just like a donut. A decadent, delicious, dessert treat. Not exactly healthy, but definitely one of the most delicious delights you can imagine. I wish I had taken a picture! If you do visit Santa Fe, however, my favorite ones were at The Pantry restaurant, a delicious place to try for brunch (get the enchiladas with 'Christmas-style' chile. You won't regret it).

I wore this black romper on our last evening to have dinner (followed by a much-needed relaxing trip to the spa). I had no idea how to pack for Santa Fe, but I figured black can always be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I find that this romper is particularly essential during foodie trips because of its forgiving elastic waist—no need to worry about fitting into your skinny jeans (and stress about cheese fries!)! To accessorize, I made use of some snakeprint sandals and this convenient oversized clutch/purse. The sandals were probably my best purchase of the summer: very chic and comfortable. Plus, you really can't beat an interesting design and a beautiful snakeskin print. The clutch is something I bought ages ago (I think way back in 2010), but never really made use of it for some reason. Now I find myself pulling it out all the time to spruce up an outfit. The best part? It's so roomy inside I can always insert an extra pair of flats.

Below are also some of my favorite shots from walking around this vibrant city—which also happens to be the oldest capital city in the US (first colonized in the late 1500's/early 1600's!). Some highlights of the trip included a bike ride around the city, where we found this glorious sanctuary to the Virgin of Guadalupe; a pit stop to Cowgirl BBQ, where we had the most insane green chile cheese fries ever; and a drive through the outskirts of Santa Fe where we were able to find some of the best Mexican food in the city (as well as enjoy some great views of the rugged landscape). If we had more time, I would definitely try to fit in a performance at the Santa Fe Opera, reputedly one of the best in the world.

How beautiful is this Virgen de Guadalupe? I love the way the vibrant turquoise of her mantle beautifully contrasts with the rusty colors of her skin and dress. So evocative of the New Mexican landscape itself.

This water tower near the rail yards was near an up-and-coming part of town with bars and cute shops.

The Cowgirl BBQ was a colorful place with live music & a fun outdoor seating area, perfect for an afternoon snack & drinks.

MAJE black romper, similar here
JIMMY CHOO sutri sandals, similar here
MIU MIU clutch, similar here & here
JENNIFER ZEUNER starburst lariat necklace, similar here
CHAN LUU wrap bracelet, similar here

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