August 14, 2014

Leather Flounce

I’m not a heavy metal chick. I’m not punk, I’m not goth, hardly a rebel without a cause. Thus, when I wear leather, I feel a bit like an imposter—the material seems meant for rockers, groupies, Marlon Brando, aviation pilots, The Fonz: cool people. And as much as I’d like to convince myself otherwise, I am incontrovertibly nerdy: a girl who would much rather curl up to a book at 11pm than set out for a night on the town. I prefer tea to lattes, enjoy unwinding my day over a Vogue Paris and a lit Baies candle, feel a jolt of excitement when I hear about the latest skincare miracle, make a trip to Pierre Hermé for a box of macarons on every visit to Paris, and schedule early morning yoga classes every Sunday: in today’s vocabulary I am quintessentially basic.

August 13, 2014

How to Look Sleek in Pajamas

When it comes to pants, I always rely on my skinny jeans: somehow the tight-on-the-bottom, slouchy-on-top silhouette always appealed to me because it seemed to tuck, conceal and emphasize all the right places. But who can escape the pervasive pajama pants and wide-legged trousers that have been filling up the racks since spring / summer began? If Resort 2015 is any indication, these billowy fellows will be around for a while, so I’ll attempt to prepare myself for the onslaught, starting off with this slimming, striped, silky pair.

August 11, 2014

Style Mixology: Turquoise Trail

Sometimes you see a dress and no matter how impractical it seems, no matter how frivolous it seems, no matter how limited in use it could possibly be… you absolutely just have to have it. When I first saw this bright neon yellow-green number, I knew I needed to have it. While I often gravitate towards neutrals, there are times when I absolutely can’t resist a colorful, bold color. After all, they say that fashion is about experimentation and having fun, right?

August 8, 2014

Sopapillas & Honey

One of my favorite treats in New Mexico? The sopapilla—a plain fried bread served at your table at most restaurants. When you add honey to it (usually that’s why the honey is at your table!) it tastes just like a donut. A decadent, delicious, dessert treat. Not exactly healthy, but definitely one of the most delicious delights you can imagine. I wish I had taken a picture! If you do visit Santa Fe, however, my favorite ones were at The Pantry restaurant, a delicious place to try for brunch (get the enchiladas with 'Christmas-style' chile. You won't regret it).

August 7, 2014

Desert Lavender

Santa Fe, NM must be one of the most underrated cities in the US. It’s challenging to get there—the biggest airport is an hour away in Albuquerque and few places will have direct flights. However, it is worth the hike. Vibrant art galleries, delicious New Mexican food, wide open spaces and magical mesas are just some of the things that I fell in love with while I was there. We were lucky enough to do a hike in Bandolier National Park, do a first Friday tour of the art galleries on Canyon Road, indulge in cheesy flavorful enchiladas at the Pantry Restaurant, and drive down the quirky towns dotting the Turquoise trail. We came here for a wedding, but it was a perfect opportunity to explore America’s Southwest.